How Certain Are You That Your

Business Coverage

Is Adequate?

Most Business Owners are unaware

that they have holes in their Coverage...

until it's too late

Get The Coverage Your Business & Employees Need

  • Commercial Property

  • General Liability / Product Liability

  • Business Auto
  • Workers Compensation

  • Umbrella Coverage

  • Professional Liability

Be Confident that you and your business are fully covered when disaster strikes

• Are you Adequately protected if your business is forced to close due to storm?

• Does your commercial property have sufficient coverage?

Protection for Your Business & Employees

Give your employees and their families peace of mind knowing they won’t have to pay for work related injuries, and illnesses.

Every business should choose the right workers compensation insurance to fulfill state and business requirements without extra costs and hassles.

During unsure times, be sure your business & employee's are adequately covered for work related injuries and illnesses.

Whatever your insurance coverage needs are, we can help.

My name is James Duddy and I am an Independent Commercial Insurance Broker with 35+ years of experience within risk management.

I specialize in difficult to place risks needing the full complement of risk management services including:

• program review

• market access

• program placement and

• the overseeing of insurance company loss prevention and claims management services.

As an Insurance Broker we're able to search multiple insurers to find the right coverage for your business. Each policy is customized to your needs.

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Sat: 8am - Noon

Sun: Closed

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